Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal today warned about a “new scam” that  has bilked a local woman out of $400.
The woman received a phone call at 10:50 a.m. Tuesday from a man who called himself “David Jenkins” and said he represented the Georgia Power Company, Royal said. The man said she owed a past due bill of $400 because her old meter had been replaced.
The woman bought a Moneygram and gave the man the information over the phone constituting payment and a $400 loss of her hard-gained finances, Royal said.
At 12:15 p.m., Royal said, she got another call from someone calling himself “Eric Jones” and saying he was Jenkins’ supervisor. “Jones” told her she owed a past due amount of $495 for her October bill, Royal said.
She then became suspicious, because she could not recall ever being past due with Georgia Power, so she called a published number for the company, Royal said. The “real” Georgia Power informed her that her account was current.
She was told that she had been scammed by persons unknown to Georgia Power and advised her to call local law enforcement. She called the Ware Sheriff’s office, Royal said.
“Be suspicious of anyone calling you and demanding immediate payment by Moneygram or other means; contact the agency in question, in this case Georgia Power, immediately,” Royal said.