ALMA — A 21-month-old girl, a victim of abuse so brutal that doctors had to remove an internal organ, is recovering from surgery, said Alma Police Chief Michael Leslie.
Alma police arrested the child’s mother, Sarah Staten, 22, Wednesday and charged her with three counts of battery and three counts of cruelty to children in the first degree after each of the children was found to have been abused, said Alma Police Chief Michael Leslie.
Officers responded Wednesday to the Bacon County Hospital regarding a toddler with severe bruising over her entire body, said Leslie.
The child was transported by ambulance to Memorial Health in Savannah because of the nature of her injuries, said Leslie.
During the middle of the night, the girl underwent surgery in Savannah, which involved the removal of at least one organ, said Leslie.
“The child is in critical condition,” Leslie said.
The mother was taken into custody at Bacon County Hospital, Leslie said, noting that Staten is 35 weeks pregnant.
Two other children, both under the age of 4, were taken into protective custody by the Bacon County Department of Family and Children Services, Leslie said.
The investigation is on-going, said Leslie.