Crew set to begin filming movie scenes later this week

Staff Writer
The company producing “Wash Me in the River” arrived in Waycross Sunday and will shoot scenes for the movie later this week in and around Waycross, Ware County and Douglas.
Director Randall Emmett, whose company Emmett/ Furla/Oasis Films, is producing the picture, said the current schedule has filming taking place Thursday through Saturday, February 18-20. Although the sets are closed, work on outside scenes at locations will be able to be viewed from a distance.
Major areas of filming will be the Waycross Pawn Shop on Albany Avenue, the old Ruskin Church near Manor, Rouse’s Country Deli convenience store in Waresboro and the The Fun Place amusement park in Douglas. Shots will also be taken on streets around the pawn shop and downtown, some that will include motorcycles.
“Areas will be blocked off, but people will be able to see the scenes we’re doing,” Emmett said Monday. “We’ll be in downtown with a lot of walking shots, some motorcycle scenes on the streets. The public will definitely know when we’re around.”
Robert DeNiro, John Malkovich and Jack Houston headline the film about a recovering opioid addict who seeks revenge on the dealers he thinks are responsible for selling the drugs that resulted in his fiancé’s death. On his trail of death are two law enforcement officers. The crew arrived in Waycross from shooting in Puerto Rico. Emmett said many of the film’s rural and interior shots were handled on the island.

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