A late evening thunderstorm dumped much rain in certain areas of Ware County while other locations got little rain, but the weather band also created a severe electrical storm that started at least one woods fire, said Ware County Fire Capt. Brian Varnadore.
Firefighters were dispatched to an area between Fairfax Road and TV Tower Road to a woods fire after a resident “saw the glow” and reported about 11:48 p.m. Thursday that there was a possible fire in the wooded area which is near the Millwood community, Varnadore said.
Georgia Forestry came out and plowed breaks around it, Varnadore said.
“About all we could do was triangulate between the three roads and standby while the forestry folks plowed their breaks,” said Varnadore. About two acres burned, Varnadore said, but that could change after officials get a better look at the area with some daylight on it.
No houses were in danger, he said, as the fire was located within two blocks of wooded area. Georgia Forestry will be returning to the area this morning to make sure everything is “buttoned up out there” and to map the area where lightning hit and ignited the fire.
“They had very bad lightning up there but just a little rain while we had heavy rain here at the station,” said Varnadore. “We had firefighters from Station I, a couple of volunteers, the Ware County EMS and sheriff’s officers. It was a good team effort.”
Firefighters cleared the area bout 2:28 a.m. and returned to their stations at 3:03 a.m.
Varnadore was in charge of the fire units.