WAYNESVILLE — The Goertner Mumford Library at the Confederate Soldiers Park in Waynesville received a “gold mine” of books Wednesday — books donated by Wes Schiwitz who resides in Brunswick.
“This is third time that Wes has donated books to us from his home library,” said Dorothy Johns Thomas, vice president of the Waynesville Historial Society. “This time he donated five large boxes consisting of research and collector books. Many are out of print.”
Schiwitz is a native of Texas. He became interested in genealogy back in 1982 when he heard that he was related to Gen. Robert E. Lee. He found out that he was a first cousin, five times removed.
He retired from FLETC where he was an adult instructor/trainer. He had also been a U.S. Customs officer. He has traveled all over the United States and to several foreign countries.
“We are proud to say that Wes is a member of the Waynesville Historical Society,” Thomas said. “Also, after the donations he has already made, he has promised to remember us in his will.”
For more information, contact Thomas at djt1927@comcast.net or (912) 265-7599.