A propane tanker overturned on Trudie Road Sunday prompting law enforcement officials to close the road to through traffic for several hours while leaking propane was dealt with, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
“I don’t know if there were any injuries, but I do know it was a one-vehicle accident,” said Bennett. “The propane tanker was leaking and they brought in another tanker to off-load what propane was inside the leaking tank (into the second tanker).”
He said the Georgia State Patrol is in charge of the investigation, and inasmuch as law enforcement officials are observing the Martin Luther King holiday today, the official report information was not available this morning.
Trudie Road has been designated as a detour route for Georgia 32 (while the DOT replaces a bridge), meaning the accident caused inconvenience to many more motorists than might ordinarily have been affected, Bennett said.
“The Georgia DOT rerouted traffic and I believe they cleared up the scene (by) around dark (sunset Sunday). I don’t know the time,” said Bennett.