A man charged with vehicular homicide in Houston County was taken into custody Sunday in Brantley County after taking lawmen on a chase through several counties — at one point driving into the Satilla River on Georgia Highway 121 between Hoboken and Blackshear — eluding the long arm of the law multiple times. In the end, though, he went peacefully after seeking help late Sunday evening from a Brantley County resident who phoned the law. Aaron Mater, who is in his 30s, was in the Brantley County jail this morning facing a long list of charges. “Everyone had been looking for him,” said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal. “He came through Bacon County, Pierce County and on into Brantley County.” A lookout had been posted for Mater, who is from Houston County, on a charge of vehicular homicide and area lawmen began to watch for him, said Brantley  County Sheriff Len Davis. Royal said Georgia State Trooper Sherman McClain stopped the vehicle in Bacon County for speeding and as he was in the process of ticketing Mater he sped away. McClain followed him into Pierce and Brantley counties but Mater was able to get away. His vehicle (unspecified as to type, make, model) was eventually spotted in Hoboken by another GSP trooper who chased him from the Friendly Express to the Satilla River bridge on Highway 121, said Davis. At that point, Mater turned around on the Pierce County side and headed back into Brantley County, he said. “As he came back into Brantley he drove his vehicle into the water and got out and waded through the water,” said Davis. “We searched the woods for him with Ware State Prison canines but did not capture him.” Davis said that about 6:30 p.m. Sunday he was in church when he got a notification that the man had been seen walking on Highway 121 in Brantley. Later, at about 11 p.m., a citizen called the law saying that a man had suspiciously walked up to his house offering $50 for a ride to Raybon, said Sheriff Davis, whose office dispatched deputies. “He was taken into custody right then and there without incident,” said Davis. “He is now in the Brantley County jail facing multiple charges from several jurisdictions and the Georgia State Patrol.