A Ware County jury returned a guilty verdict on a man charged with aggravated assault following a recent trial and the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison.
Quantrell Jones was tried in Ware County Superior Court on the felony aggravated assault charge in connection with a drive-by shooting on July 29, 2015.
Following the verdict, Judge Mike DeVane sentenced Jones to 20 years in prison. He remains in jail pending transport to the Georgia State Prison System.
During the trial it was testified that the victim, Randionntre Bolds, had been shot multiple times during a “drive-by shooting” from a moving vehicle on July 29, 2015.
“There was no prior warning or threats prior to the shooting,” said Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Welch. “Quantrell Jones and an unidentified second individual were identified by witnesses at the scene and video surveillance footage. Bolds was shot as he stood outside the apartments at Garlington Heights in Waycross.”
Jones took the witness stand and testified he had come to Waycross from Valdosta to sell illegal drugs, admitted he was in the vehicle, but denied knowing anything about the shooting.
Jones fled the area immediately after the shooting, and was later brought back to Waycross from Syracuse, N.Y. He was arrested and was kept in jail until the trial that was held in late June.
District Attorney George Barnhill complimented Welch on her hard work and the excellent job she did presenting this case at trial.
“Cindi works hard and it is reflected in the quality of her work,” said Barnhill. “The Waycross police also did a great job putting this all together and identifying Jones. Hopefully additional information will soon lead to the arrest of the second individual in the vehicle that night.”
Detective Melissa “Missy” Thrift was the lead detective investigating the felony shooting for the Waycross Police Department.
The case was prosecuted by ADA Welch of the Waycross Judicial Circuit’s District Attorney’s Office.
Jones was represented by local defense attorney Joseph East.