Another Waycross woman has been contacted by someone claiming to be the IRS and threatening to “press charges” against her if she does not comply with their demands.
In recent weeks, several people in the area have reported receiving threatening calls from someone claiming to be the IRS.
Wendy Taylor said Tuesday that a lady who called herself “Heather Gray” left a voice-mail message urgently asking Taylor to return the call. Taylor tried to call the number, (213) 336-3228, but got a message that no one was there to take her call.
“Finally this morning someone answered,” said Taylor on Tuesday. “It was a foreign speaking man. I asked him why he was threatening me and he said he was just letting me know I needed to handle this and that it would be for my own good. I couldn’t understand ‘why me?’ He finally hung up on me. Then I kept calling back and got the message the phone was not available for incoming calls.”
Taylor said friends advised her that she was being targeted by telephone scammers and that she should simply ignore such attempts. She said she contacted local law enforcement and was told that there is little that can be done to trace such calls.
Now, Taylor said, she is concerned for elderly people who may not understand that this is a scam. She urges anyone who gets such a call to ignore it or contact law enforcement officials.