Woman Wakens To Find Man Climbing Through A Window Into Her Residence
A woman sleeping in her home in the 1400 block of Franklin Avenue this morning got up to check out noises that had awakened her when she discovered a man entering her house through a window, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
The woman yelled at the man, causing him to immediately back out and run away, said Royal.
“The blinds had his face obscured and she could not see who it was,” said Royal. “The woman was not hurt.”
She immediately called 911 and deputies arrived at the house at 12:40 this morning.
The victim told deputies she heard noises and got out of bed, then she heard someone moving around outside of her house.
“As she walked out of her bedroom, she heard someone trying to get into the house,” said Royal. “She switched on a light and was able to see the man partially inside the window. When she screamed, he took off.”
A tracking dog was deployed but the animal could not detect a trail.
Nothing was stolen out of the house, Royal said.
Detectives are investigating.