BLACKSHEAR — Two young men were injured this morning when their car crashed into a guard rail  — the metal rail passing through the auto’s passenger compartment — on U.S. Highway 84 near Gilman Road after it was cut off by an unidentified vehicle, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.
The driver, Matthew Piestrak, 19, and his passenger, Adam Piestrak, 17, were taken to Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross for treatment, Wright said.
They are brothers, the police chief said.
“They were lucky,” Wright said, “they could have been killed.”
Driving a 1974 Ford Torino, Matthew Piestrak was westbound on U.S. 84 when the car was cut off by another vehicle, said Wright.
The driver lost control and the car skidded sideways, leaving the roadway and striking the guard rail, which went through the vehicle, Wright said.
He said the accident occurred just before 8 a.m. and was still under investigation.