The play seeks to tackle a difficult topic in today’s world as it centers on God’s “one man-one woman” edict.
“People are in relationships that result in ‘blended’ families nowadays,” said Jackie Sutton Ball of Sutton Glory Ministries, seeking to explain the gist and the moral of “I Love You TWO!”
Said she: “You might find yourself in the situation of being married, then divorced and then re-married. And when there are children involved you have to learn how to manage that blended family and, in the midst of it all, children from various relationships.
“When you take on a new ‘significant other,’ things become convoluted. It is such that, ‘I have to love my ex as she is the mother of my children’ or ‘I have to love my former husband as we must continue to manage our children for the sake of their futures.’ Of course, it is a different kind of love for each one.”
The danger lies in circumstances when “… people become bitter and exes fall out and this damages relationships involving children,” Ball said.
Tickets at the door will be $20.
Advance tickets remain for sale online for $15 at
Ball said a recent spike in ticket sales has pushed sales beyond the 200 mark.
For information, call 281-2920 or (229) 321-0332.