Traffic on Tebeau Street near its intersection with Spratt Street was blocked for several hours Tuesday after a 4-inch gas line was ruptured during construction on the roadway, said Waycross Fire Chief David Eddins.
Firefighters, police and EMTs were summoned to the area at 3:25 p.m. after the gas line was compromised, Eddins said.
Atlanta Gas and Light crew workers quickly arrived and shut off the gas, but it took several hours for workers to make the repairs, Eddins said.
“We did not have to evacuate anyone because AGL was able to get the leak stopped quickly,” said Eddins. “But we were prepared if necessary. We had all resources on hand to help if needed including Ware County EMA director Jonathan Daniell.”
Police officers worked to keep traffic away from the area, Eddins said. The fire units cleared up at 8:14 p.m. but Eddins was not clear on exactly what time the project was completed. The road was partially reopened as soon as the leak was fixed.
No one was injured, he said.