A hydraulic fluid spill on Albany Avenue Thursday afternoon prompted officials to block off access to the road until enough sand could be dumped on the oil product to make the road passable, said a spokesman for the Ware County Fire Department.
“We’re not sure how the fluid got there but somebody called it in because cars were slipping on it. It was slick and you could see the rainbow effect on the roadway,” the fire spokesman said.
Ware Fire Capt. Brian Varnadore said the road department was called to haul sand and spread it on the roadway for the length of about one mile, adding that a lightly misting rain helped minimize the effect of the spilled fuel.
“We had a call come in about 2 p.m. that there was something slippery on the road and they said it was ‘very slippery’ indeed,” Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal said. “The man who reported the spill told us he almost lost control of his vehicle near the Kettle Creek bridge and almost got sideways.
“Nobody was hurt during this incident and we are thankful workers got it handled quickly, We are also thankful for those who called to report that something was wrong so we could get on it in a hurry.”
The east-bound lane was the one affected from Gorman Road (Airport Road) to the traffic light at Augusta Avenue.
“You could see it, but we don’t have any idea how it got there,” the fire department spokesman said. “We didn’t see any vehicle causing the spill. The DOT was called and they came out and said to put sand down on it.”
Royal said it took about an hour and a half to get the problem fixed and the road reopened. He said it still has not been determined where the spill came from.