NAHUNTA — A Brantley County man was found guilty Wednesday of battery, family violence and possession of marijuana and was sentenced to 23 months in prison.
Michael Alan Buchanan, 60, was also found not guilty of two counts of aggravated assault by the jury, which deliberated for about an hour to get a verdict.
The jury was selected Monday and the trial started Tuesday. The jury was handed the case Wednesday.
Buchanan had been indicted by a Brantley County grand jury on July 31, 2017 following the attack two months earlier in May.
The indictment noted that Buchanan assaulted a woman with a knife, holding the knife to her throat. Count two charged him with using a handgun, putting the gun to her head and pulling the trigger (the bullet failed to strike the woman). In the indictment, jurors declared also that Buchanan struck her in the face, causing bruising around her eyes.
Buchanan was facing a possible sentence of 20 years had he been found guilty on all counts.
The woman was not seriously injured in the attack. She and Buchanan lived under the same roof, although they were not married.
Buchanan has been held without bond since his arrest in May 2017.
Assistant District Attorney Adam Craft prosecuted the case for the state and Judge Jeffrey Kight presided over the case and handed down the sentencing.
Attorneys John Thigpen Sr. and Alex Brown represented the defendant.