MANOR — Just as the Herbert Booth family was sitting down to supper on Christmas Day, smoke detectors in their charming two-story farm house began to blare, alerting them to a fire, said Ware County Fire Department Capt. Joe McPhaul.
Everyone was able to get out of the house without being harmed. When firefighters arrived, they began an attack mode on the blaze, which started in the attic area and heavily burned the second floor of the house, said McPhaul.
Nobody was injured.
Ware County Fire Department personnel were summoned to the house located at 5560 Henry Booth Road in Manor at 7:47 p.m. They arrived at 8:02 p.m. and worked throughout the night to extinguish the blaze and prevent it from re-igniting.
McPhaul said firefighters were able to clear the scene at 4:26 a.m. Saturday.
“It was on the night of the first Christmas full moon in years and it was really bright, right over us all night. It was a beautiful house,” said McPhaul. “We were initially told that someone was trapped, but when we got there everyone was out and safe.”
McPhaul said the house was built in 1927. Working smoke detectors helped alert the family and insure their safe exit from the house, McPhaul said.
A total of 22 personnel responded with seven pieces of fire-fighting equipment.