BLACKSHEAR — An 11-hour manhunt for an escaped inmate from the Pierce County jail ended Sunday evening about 9 o’clock when the prisoner was arrested near Lee Avenue in Waycross, said Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett.
Devontray Myers, 24, of Blackshear, had been in the Pierce County jail for several weeks awaiting trial for armed robbery when he was dispatched to “take out the trash” from the jail kitchen Sunday morning, Bennett said.
Myers simply walked away from jail custody at that point. He was recaptured about 11 hours later, Bennett said.
The sheriff said Myers escaped about 10 o’clock Sunday morning. After an exhausting search, Bennett said, he was captured without incident at around 9 p.m. Sunday on Lee Avenue in Waycross.
“We got a real good lead that he was in Waycross and with help from the Waycross Police Department, we picked him up near the public library on Lee Avenue,” said Bennett.
Another person was with Myers at the time, but that person was left with the Waycross Police Department officials. He would not say if that person faces charges. Because of today’s holiday schedule, no one on duty at Waycross could speak to the situation.
The sheriff said Myers was reportedly trying to meet with a woman in Waycross.
“We are happy to say he is now back behind bars at the Pierce County Jail,” said Bennett.
The sheriff said Myers slipped away from the jail after taking out garbage Sunday morning where he was on “inmate kitchen duty.”
At the time of his escape, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office listed him as “… considered dangerous” and asked citizens to take extra precautions and to call 911 if they had any information regarding Myers.
Bennett said Myers was not armed at the time, but as he was in jail on a charge of armed robbery, that added to their concern.
“It is regular duty for the inmates to perform kitchen details,” Bennett said, adding that Myers had never attempted to leave prior to Sunday morning.
“I want to say that we appreciate the help of the Waycross Police Department and let everyone know that Mr. Myers is back over here staying with me,” Bennett said.