HOMERVILLE — Eight people, three men and five boys age 16 and younger, have been arrested in connection with a string of home and vehicle burglaries dating back to Oct. 9, said Clinch County Investigator Sheriff’s Tom Bisdorf.
“Taken in these burglaries were numerous guns, money, jewelry and game systems,” said Bisdorf. “The majority of the guns have been relocated and returned to their owners. The money and the game systems have not been located.”
The adults, Anton Phillips, 17, Brandon Bryant, 17, and Chris Griffin, 17, were booked into the Clinch County jail, said Bisdorf. The five boys, ages 13-16, were charged and then turned over to the custody of their parents, he said.
All eight are charged with four counts of residential burglary and three counts of theft by entering autos, Bisdorf said.
Assisting Bisdorf with the investigation were Clinch investigator Crystal Lloyd, Homerville Police Officer Zach Wheeler, Homerville Police Chief Lonnie Webb and Clinch County Sheriff Winston Peterson.