BLACKSHEAR — Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett said today he still has not learned a lot about an intoxicated man who kicked in a door at a Dixon Road house early Tuesday, stealing a car that he crashed while being pursued by lawmen.
Rodney Harris, of Waycross, was arrested after the stolen car he was driving ran off Dixon Road and crashed, said Bennett.
“It was late yesterday evening before he sobered up enough to know he was in jail,” said Bennett. “I still don’t know his age.”
Bennett reported Tuesday that the man entered a house on Dixon Road and stole the keys to a car which he subsequently crashed as Pierce deputies gave chase. Harris told lawmen he lived on Princess Di Road in Waycross.
Harris is still in jail in Blackshear charged with home invasion, strong-arm robbery, theft of a vehicle and obstruction, said Bennett.
“We did discover that he is wanted on felony warrants in Ware and Brantley counties,” said Bennett. “Both of those counties have placed holds on him with us so he’s not going anywhere for a while.”
Bennett did not know what those warrants were for.
Once the disposition of this week’s charges in Pierce have been dealt with, then Brantley and Ware officials will get their turn with Harris, Bennett said.