Georgia State Patrol said, Christopher Black, 19, sustained a minor injury but no medical attention was required, said Rhonda Swinea, GSP Waycross post secretary.
Black was a passenger in a 2005 Honda Civic driven by Jasmin Godoy, 17, of Alma, said Swinea.
Headed east on Scuffletown Road, Godoy told lawmen that a deer bounced into her path and she took evasive action, causing her to lose control of the steering. Swinea said the car entered the shoulder of the roadway for 48 feet, re-entered the roadway and crossed both lanes of travel for 141 feet. The car then skidded off the roadway sideways for 156 feet and overturned for 39 feet. Swinea said the car came to a final stop 42 feet south of Scuffletown Road.
Cpl. Dustin Rozier was the investigating trooper.