GBI: Woman, 43, Failed To Assist Joseph Manning At Jan. 1 Party
A Waycross woman has been arrested and charged with cruelty to children in the second degree and reckless conduct in connection with a Jan. 1 Swamp Road incident that resulted in a critical injury to a 15-year-old boy, said Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent-in-Charge Mark Pro.
Ginger Oxford, 43, was taken into custody Wednesday, said Pro, the charges based on Oxford’s failure to provide assistance to an unresponsive teen.
Oxford’s role was not addressed in specific detail by a GBI news release which indicated simply that she was arrested as a result of the GBI’s investigation, and Pro was not in his office in Douglas today.
Joseph Manning, 15, remains in serious condition after he fell from a barn loft at a New Year’s party and was left by others at the party to lie unconscious for 12 hours. He was transferred by medical helicopter Wednesday from a Jacksonville, Fla. hospital to Shepherd Children’s Hospital in Atlanta for further treatment and rehabilitation.
A family member said he has had another surgery in recent days and doctors replaced a part of his skull.
The family continues to ask for prayers for the boy and the entire family.
On Jan. 1, the GBI was requested by the Ware County Sheriff’s Office to assist with the investigation into the case.
“At approximately 2:20 p.m. on Jan. 1, a 911 call reported an unresponsive teenager at a barn at 3623 Swamp Road,” said Pro.
He said: “The initial investigation indicates that a 15-year-old male was attending a party on Dec. 31. The juvenile, who was believed to be intoxicated, fell from the barn loft onto a concrete pad. Other people attending the party did not believe the juvenile to have substantial injuries and laid him down to rest for the remainder of the evening. When the juvenile was unresponsive the next day, his family was notified and called 911.”
Manning was life-flighted to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, where it was determined that there was significant head trauma.
Manning’s grandfather, Luther Thrift, said his grandson was beaten by other teens at the party which caused him to fall.
Thrift said an incident started at the New Year’s Eve party because “… a girl (had) sent Joseph some naked pictures of her and her boyfriend got mad. So then he jumped on Joseph. There was at least two of them that beat him. It would have taken two because Joseph is a black belt and is very strong. They pushed him or throwed him out of the loft onto the concrete.”
Adding to the agony of the family, he said, was the fact that no one reported the fall and the injury. The teen was found still unconscious the next day, about 12 hours after he fell.
“Just tell the folks to keep praying. We know there is power in prayer,” said Thrift.
Anyone with information regarding the investigation is asked to contact the Ware County Sheriff’s Office at (912) 287-4326 or the GBI office in Douglas at (912) 389-4103.