Two residents of McClure Street were arrested Monday on drug possession charges as they were found in possession of dangerous drugs within two feet of a sleeping baby, said Ware County Sheriff’s Capt. Neil Skerratt.
Officers went to their home to execute probation warrants, said Skerratt.
Shelby Lillian Meagan Lee, 19, of 1900 McClure St., was charged with reckless conduct and possession of methamphetamine and drug-related objects, said Skerratt.
Cody Bryant Drury, 22, of 1900 McClure St., was taken into custody and charged with reckless conduct, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects, said Skerratt.
Deputy Jeff Nolan, Deputy Craig Colley, Sgt. Mike Thrift, Deputy Brian Newman, along with probation officers Tasha Roberts and Greg Nettles, arrived at the house around 11 a.m., said Skerratt.
Once inside, they found the suspects, along with some methamphetamine, some marijuana, sandwich bags and a spoon used in drug consumption, all within two feet of a 2-month-old baby, said Skerratt, adding that was the cause for the reckless conduct charge.
“The folks at DFCS were summoned to handle the child,” said Skerratt.
Both were being held in the Ware County jail.