Three men clothed all in black with hoods over their heads and bandannas covering their faces walked into a convenience store at the corner of Albany and Augusta avenues just after midnight this morning, brandished three semi-automatic pistols and robbed the male clerk of an undisclosed amount of money, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
The clerk, a 46-year-old man, fearing for his life, followed their instructions and opened the cash registers, then lay down on the floor until the men left, said Royal.
“The three were inside the store less than a minute and 45 seconds,” said Royal. “One of the men held a gun to the back of the clerk’s head with his finger on the trigger as we saw in the video. The clerk was terribly shaken by the incident but was otherwise unharmed.”
Royal said the three got away with an undetermined amount of money and left no trail for the tracking dogs to follow.
“The clerk said while he was mopping the floor at 12:44 a.m., the men entered the store, all three carrying pistols, two of the pistols black and one silver or stainless steel,” said Royal. “One of them immediately walked behind the counter while the other two approached the clerk and pointed their guns at him. He said they told him to remain calm and not to panic.”
The men then ordered the clerk to open a first and a second cash register and he did so. The men emptied the drawers of all the money, took the man’s wallet and a large quantity of cigarettes from behind the counter, then ordered the clerk to remain on the floor until they were gone.
After a few seconds, the man called 911 and deputies quickly responded, Royal said.
“The deputies, Cpl. Bill Thomas and Sgt. Michael Merritt, arrived within minutes and deployed a K-9 in the area where they were last seen but the dog was unable to detect a trail,” Royal said. “We believe they walked across the side parking lot and left toward Augusta Avenue.”
Royal said he was thankful the clerk was not physically harmed although he was “terribly shaken-up” by the incident. He is asking anyone with information on the three suspects to come forward and help lawmen find the three men.
“All we have to go on is the photo from the video,” said Royal. “You can see the man’s finger on the trigger and the barrel against the clerk’s head. We need to find these men quickly.”
Anyone who has information is asked to call 911.