But Ware County Emergency Management Agency director Jonathan Daniell said the Waycross Police Department is offering its city courtroom to anyone who needs a place to “get in out of the cold.”
The courtroom is off the lobby just inside the front door of the city police headquarters on Oak Street.
Daniell said a few people took advantage of the City Auditorium shelter and he was thankful the city allowed it to be used by those shivering citizens.
“It looks like we have at least one more night of freezing temperatures and then we are headed to a warm-up,” said Daniell on Friday. “It will probably warm up now, which is good. Of course we do have rain coming Monday and Tuesday, according to the forecast.”
Daniell said he was grateful for the way the public responded to the warnings and stayed off the road during the heaviest time of snow and ice (Wednesday).
“Some people were out but for the most part, people stayed indoors and off the road,” said Daniell. “Now I just hope it will be another 20 years before we see something like this again.”