Waycross police are investigating a case of fraud and are searching for a white male and a white female who entered a bank in the 2000 block of the Brunswick Highway on various dates and cashed checks totaling more than $7,000 that turned out to be fraudulent, said Waycross Police Capt. Tommy Cox.
The first incident took place on Feb. 22 when the woman and man entered the bank with a check and asked to have it cashed. They walked out that day with more than $3,000, said Cox.
Twice more the two entered the bank, once cashing a check for $2,000 and again on Wednesday when they cashed a check in the amount of more than $2,000.
“It took a few days but they finally realized those checks were fraudulent,” said Cox. “Detectives are working to identify the man and the woman on surveillance video.”
Anyone with information on who these two may be is asked to call Waycross police at 287-2921 or 287-2929.