NAHUNTA — Brantley County Commission Chairman Charlie Summerlin tendered his resignation Thursday, sending a notice to Gov. Nathan Deal and having a copy of the letter read into the minutes of the Brantley County Commission meeting here Thursday night.
County attorney Deen Strickland read the letter prepared by Summerlin, who was not present, and presented it to the board at the monthly commission meeting.
Summerlin has withdrawn his name from the upcoming election ballot as well.
Strickland said the letter was sent to his office at the same time it was sent to the governor by fax and that a hard copy of the letter with Summerlin’s intentions would be mailed to the governor’s office today.
Citing a desire to spend more time with his family and handle his own personal life, Summerlin expressed his love for Brantley County and its people and noted that would not change.
“I moved here in 1990 and as I continued to live I wanted to serve and make Brantley County a better place,” Strickland read Summerlin’s words from the letter. “I have faced my 80th birthday and I cannot complete things as I could years ago. I need to spend more time with my family. I am humbled by the time of service I have been able to give. I wish the best for Brantley County but it is time to pass the torch. May God bless all of you.”
Summerlin had been seeking re-election to the Brantley chairman’s seat in the upcoming May 24 election. Two names for the office will remain on the ballot, Skipper Harris and David Butler.
Strickland noted that the governor will take time to review the letter and that a process has to be followed. He did not speculate on what the next move would be or even if the governor would accept the resignation, although it seems likely that he would.