“Mr. LeBrun, school board … thank you for allowing me to be the principal of the best school in the state of Georgia.”
A proud Tyler Bennett, principal at Center Elementary School said those words, addressing school officials including Superintendent Jim LeBrun, at Tuesday night’s Ware County Board of Education meeting. Then he and his staff and students showed a sampling of some of the indicators behind his pride.
“We have a variety of things going on daily at Center Elementary, including in-school and after-school activities that give our students opportunities to excel,” Bennett said.
He introduced in turn Aimee Mancil (project-based learning director at Center), fourth grade chorus director Barbara Patterson, Jenna Corley, the fourth grade CLASS program (computer lab) teacher, and Shirley Nettles, Center’s Teacher of the Year. They then turned the program over to their students for various presentations.
The chorus performed “This Land Is Your Land” and later did a “map dance,” which, Nettles explained, helps them learn to designate and pin-point certain parts of the USA (the Great Lakes, the Smoky Mountains, the Pacific coast etc.).
The CLASS students played a video they produced that promotes “being kind when your friends aren’t.”
Said Corley, the message is that “when we choose to be kind, we can put an end to bullying.”
The class chose a background song and added it to the impressive video.
When the board got down to serious business at Tuesday’s meeting, it approved a project of nearly a half-million dollars to improve the security at Ware County High School.