At the Trudie Road Intersection tied up traffic here for about three hours Thursday after one of the vehicles involved clipped a power pole, causing power lines to fall across all four lanes of traffic, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.
Jimmy Lee Simmons, 70, of Blackshear, Kirsten Erin Barnard, 32, of Blackshear, and Ronnie Williams, 65, of Waycross, only had minor injuries in the 4:06 p.m. crash, said Wright. None of them were taken to a hospital for treatment, he said.
Simmons, driving a Honda Ridgeline, was westbound on Highway 84. Williams, driving a Ford Ranger pickup truck, entered 84 from Trudie Road, driving into the center turn lane. Wright said Simmons thought Williams was entering his lane of travel and moved to the outside lane.
The Simmons vehicle struck Barnard’s car, causing the Barnard car to strike the Williams vehicle, Wright said. Barnard’s car then struck the power pole, bringing down all of the power lines across U.S. 84, Wright said.
Georgia Power workers responded to the scene and replaced the pole and repaired the lines. Wright said traffic was detoured around the scene for about three hours, the road reopening around 7 p.m.
Blackshear Police Officer Jamie Henderson was in charge of the accident investigation.