A man suspected of shooting and wounding an Arlington police officer in Calhoun County 31 years ago was arrested in Waycross Tuesday, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Donald Wayne Reeves, 57, was taken into custody at a Memorial Drive motel by Deputy Tony Youmans, Lt. Neil Skerratt and Detective Mike Thrift about 6:20 p.m. Tuesday, said Royal. He gave no resistance to the officers as they served the bench warrant issued by a Calhoun County Superior Court judge.
“Our deputies were asked by Calhoun County law enforcement to try and locate Reeves after he failed to show up for court in September,” said Royal. “They learned Tuesday that he was staying at a local motel. With the warrant in hand, the three lawmen went to the motel, located Reeves and arrested him without incident.”
Royal said he was booked into the Ware County jail and that Calhoun County deputies arrived after midnight this morning to transport him back to north Georgia to face the charges.
Royal said Reeves was in recent months indicted in connection with the 1984 shooting of the officer after new evidence became available and investigators reopened the case that had grown cold.
“This all stems from his arrest in July of this year by the Ware County Sheriff’s Department for the GBI,” said Royal. “He was taken into custody on charges of shooting an Arlington police officer on Feb. 21, 1984.”
He told how at 11 p.m. on that long ago day, Reeves shot the officer in the arm causing him to have multiple surgeries. For a long time, Reeves escaped scrutiny.
“The case grew cold and was ultimately closed,” Royal said.
Royal said in November 2013, the case was reopened after fresh information was received. By this summer, the investigation had led to Reeves, who was living in Blackshear. He was taken into custody by Ware, Pierce and GBI lawmen and turned over to authorities in Calhoun County, where he was indicted.
In August, a superior court judge there allowed him to post bond. Then he failed to show up for court in September and another bench warrant was issued. That warrant was successfully served Tuesday in Ware County.