By MYRA THRIFT Staff Writer Edward Cady, the human resources director for Ware County, has submitted his resignation effective Friday, Aug. 31, to accept the director’s position at the Downtown Waycross Development Authority. “I am excited for Ed and this great opportunity to lead the economic development and revitalization of downtown Waycross,” said Ware County manager Scott Moye. “The local Downtown Development and revitalization of Waycross and Ware County are extremely important to me and I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” said Cady. “The board of commissioners and the county manager of Ware County have always encouraged and allowed me to exercise the skillsets in the position of HR director to meet the industry needs and standards of professionalism that our employees, elected officials, and citizenry have come to expect,” said Cady. He added that the current Ware County leadership has equipped him to become a better employee, leader and servant to the community by investing the necessary business tools in his position capacity for him to achieve success. “This has enabled me to step up to the next stage of leadership by taking their investments placed in me to the next level of serving as the executive director of the DWDA in our downtown Waycross business community,” said Cady. The board of commissioners in conjunction with the county manager that makes up the executive leadership team of Ware County is one of the greatest contributors in the success of my career, Cady said. “They have invested training during my tenure through the facets of health, commerce, technology and economic developmental tools. I was accepted and planted in good soil by its employees (Ware County), the Ware County leadership team watered me and He through its employees, leadership, local governing authorities and community gave the increase. Jana Dyke and the WWDA team is also a huge success by cultivating economic diversity concepts to me.” Cady said that Scott Moye, Jimmy Brown, Carlos Nelson, Danny Turner, Jerry Pope and Steve Barnard have a heart to see the employees and people of the county succeed. “Scott Moye believed in me, and for that I am forever grateful to him and his leadership characteristics that were sown into me. When we succeed, our community succeeds. Of all my career opportunities, stepping aside from my HR position is one of the hardest because of the employees I serve and its leadership team. I am not being plucked and moved, I am being grafted into a greater task of community cooperation that brings governing authorities from all areas of Ware County together for a common cause: growth!” Cady added that the Ware County community understands the challenges of economic growth and that it should be the compassion of every individual to form a bond that keeps a community together even when transparent boundaries may exist. “Has Ware County enabled me to advance towards this next career life step? Yes! Ware County has given me the exposure to constructive leadership, leadership of positive action, but most of all the type of leadership we all should be striving for — maintaining integrity and investing in the neighborhoods and communities of Waycross and Ware County.” Cady said he does not see this move as stepping away from Ware County but as an opportunity in stepping alongside Waycross and Ware County’s strategic partnership and the Downtown Waycross Development Authority’s new season of economic dominance in the region. “With the WWDA and Jana Dyke, we all can achieve this as one team,” said Cady. “The board of directors of DWDA have voted and selected me to lead the visionary dreams of downtown growth and revitalization. We, along with the team of community leadership, will make our downtown a place for all Georgia to recognize as the standard of what a downtown should be.” Cady said he believes that Waycross and Ware County are stepping up and the resources for successful revitalization are being staged. “It’s time to engage the lever of motion,” said Cady. “Let us put our hand on the wheel of vision and begin to set the plow and not look back. Our harvest is in site! Let’s plow Waycross and Ware County, for our future is beginning to bud again!” Cady graduated Ware County High School and has studied at Okefenokee Technical College and taken specialized human resources management courses at the University of Georgia. He currently resides in Waycross and pastors at Emerson Park Baptist Church. He previously served as the chaplain for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.