BLACKSHEAR — Four people, two men and two women, were arrested Thursday after Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett and city and county detectives connected the men to a burglary and then found the women in possession of illegal drugs, said Bennett.
Thursday, at about noon, Bennett said, he and detectives with the Blackshear-Pierce County ACE (Accelerated Criminal Enforcement) Unit investigated a burglary on Johnson Road in Patterson.
Shortly thereafter, they went to another house in Patterson and arrested Ryan King, 29, of Blackshear, and Anthony Thornton, 23, of Offerman, and charged them with burglary, said the sheriff.
Bennett said that while lawmen were at the same Jared Road location in Patterson, they encountered Victoria Hudson, 20, and Candace Frasier, 24, who were dealing and possession controlled substances.
“We got a tip from a confidential information about the burglaries and where these folks were,” said Bennett. “They were all on Jared Road where we found them in possession of the stolen property and the women in possession of the controlled substances.”
All four were taken to the Pierce County jail where they remained this morning, Bennett said.
“They are staying with me right now,” said Bennett. “And I’d like to add that Mr. Ryan King is a recent graduate of the Pierce County Drug Court. And you know how I feel about that.”
Bennett has voiced opposition to the drug court in the past saying it is a waste of time and resources and returns drug law offenders to the streets to re-offend.