WARESBORO — Ware County detectives are investigating the possibility that a bullet from a gun struck a car moving on the South Georgia Parkway near Pine View Church Road Thursday, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
The victim told lawmen she heard the sound of breaking glass behind her as she drove her 2015 Nissan Altima west on the South Georgia Parkway approaching its intersection with Pine View Church Road about 6:19 p.m., said Royal.
The woman slowed her car and then pulled into the parking lot at Rouse’s Store to check out the situation and to call police.
“We found a small hole in the center of the rear passenger side window and the glass around it was fractured,” said Royal. “It appears it certainly could have been a fired projectile. So far, we have not found a shell or any other evidence.”
The woman, who was alone in the car, was not injured, Royal said.
Deputies responded to the location and checked out the vehicle, then canvassed the area for possible evidence, Royal said.
“We are thankful the woman was not hurt,” said Royal. “We are investigating to see if we can determine just what struck that window.”