“We may have to set up some shelters for people who do not have adequate heat for the duration of this coming cold spell,” Daniell said. “That decision will be made Monday or early Tuesday.”
The weather outlook is for a chance of rain Sunday, then cold temperatures will work their way in and stay for several days, Daniell said.
“Saturday is supposed to be sunny but some isolated showers will return Sunday, and then it is going to be cold for the next few days,” Daniell said. “The lows are expected to dip into the 20s and highs will not get out of the 40s several days next week.”
He said to prepare for the chance of frost, to get pipes protected, cover tender vegetation and shield pets from the cold.
Said Daniell: “With the cold comes the danger of fires. Fire places can get too hot and start a fire in the chimney. And if a house is not ventilated well, a heater can create carbon monoxide that can kill quickly.”
He said to take precautions when using space heaters.
Waycross Fire Chief David Eddins said Friday he always worries when this kind of cold approaches for the safety of everyone.
“We are concerned and just want everyone to be safe,” said Eddins.
Daniell said he’s not sure how many homeless people are in the area. But the overnight chill won’t be pleasant for them.
“We will announce later when shelters may open and where they will be located,” Daniell said. “We have always done this during freezes but we have seldom had anyone take advantage of them.”
Daniell said to keep an eye out for elderly people who live alone … check on them to assure their comfort.