Rainfall brought by Hurricane Matthew and other recent rains have created a problem for folks in Brantley County who are fighting a battle with a new crop of mosquitoes.
Brantley County commissioners have a spraying system, but Brantley is a big county and homeowners themselves will have to do some of the work in getting rid of the pests.
In the last two days, a huge crop of the big black mosquitoes has hatched and is making life miserable for animals, especially small pets and even farm animals.
Everyone is encouraged to make sure there is no standing water around their property that serves as a hatching ground. All standing water should be poured out immediately, according to health officials, to help prevent and alleviate the problem.
There are also other things homeowners can do to help lessen the problem such as yard sprays, foggers using chemicals, putting yellow bulbs in outside lighting systems, using repelling lanterns and other devices that are sold at hardware and larger department stores.
In the war against the bugs, however, standing water is the battlefront, health officials say.
“Tackle the problem at the source and prevent larvae from growing into adult skeeters,” one health department official stressed. “This is one of the most effective ways to minimize their presence.”
Mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of standing water. Inspect  your yard for standing (rain) water. Even the barest amount is enough for the pests to spawn. Empty or remove all the items that can contain water for at least a few days. By eliminating all these water sources you are taking away ideal breeding grounds for the bugs. Items and spots that contain water include, bird baths, ornamental fountains, water gardens, rain barrels without screened covers, plant pots, animal drinking containers, the crevices of plastic toys, garbage cans, old tires, buckets, tree stumps, puddles, shallow ponds, clogged gutters, obstructed down spouts, flat roofs and even yard debris.
“When going outside,” health officials encourage the wearing of “long sleeves, long pants, hats and socks to prevent mosquitoes from biting, as well as using a good mosquito repellent that contains a strong amount of Deet.”
One health officials said hopefully the area will get a bit of frost in the coming weeks to help kill off this new swarm of mosquitoes.