BLACKSHEAR — A 13-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday and charged with “transmission of a false alarm” and “making a public alarm” after he was identified as the suspect who posted a Facebook bomb threat targeting Pierce County Middle School, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.
The boy — who was not identified because of his young age — was turned over to the Juvenile Justice System and was being held at a Regional Youth Development Center in the area. He is a student at Pierce County Middle.
“Records obtained through Facebook and cell phone (activity) led investigators to confirm that the boy was the person responsible for the bomb threat,” said Wright. “He did not have any explosives, had done no research on how to create a bomb.”
Wright reported that a bomb threat posted on Facebook about 4 a.m. Monday advised that a bomb had been placed in Pierce County Middle School and that if law enforcement officials did not locate it by Tuesday, “people would die,” said Wright, who said that he doubted the claim but took it seriously.
Public schools were closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Day holiday, Wright said, which granted officers ample time to investigate and search for any sign of an explosive device. A search of the school and the grounds was conducted with canines on loan from the Camden County sheriff and the U.S. Coast Guard at St. Marys.
“Nothing at all was found,” said Wright.
He said the dogs never alerted nor gave any indication of any explosive device.