NAHUNTA — The body of a Nahunta man was found in Herrin Lake in the Raybon community Thursday evening, according to a report from the Brantley County Sheriff’s Department.
An autopsy is being performed on the body of Scott Lanier Dean, 56, which was found beneath the waters of the lake at roughly 8:30 p.m. Thursday after a neighbor called lawmen to report that a truck had been left parked there since about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, a spokesman said.
Footprints leading into the water were detected and a pair of flip-flops were found at the edge of the water by Deputy Vanessa Williams, the spokesman said. Dean’s wallet was on the driver’s seat of his truck along with his cell phone, but the keys to the truck were not in the ignition, according to the report. They were later found under the driver’s seat, the spokesman said.
The Brantley County dive team arrived with a boat and personnel located Dean’s body shortly after the divers entered the water, the report said.
The body was sent to the State Crime Lab for an autopsy since the death was unattended, the report said.
Dean’s truck was towed to a nearby auto shop where it was being stored until after the investigation’s completion.
Brantley County deputies who went to the home of Dean’s mother to speak with her and other family members reported they were told that Dean had been drinking heavily in the past few months and that he had been bonded out of jail Wednesday night.
The investigation is continuing, said the spokesman.