Of the 180 folks who reported to the community Red Cross blood drive Monday at the Waycross fairgrounds, more than 40 left happily with a door prize in hand.
And they all received a gift from the Red Cross, a long-sleeved Red Cross T-shirt.
Many of those who endured a long wait in line — as many as 20 left before donating — were rewarded with cash or other valuable prizes (on top of the satisfaction of knowing they probably helped someone in need).
As the Red Cross is fond of saying: “The need is constant. The gratification is instant.”
Folks today aren’t as in tune to the need for an emergency blood supply as were their forbears from preceding generations. It’s a plan and simple truth: if blood is not on hand when it is needed, life and death situations have an unfavorable ending!
“If you have never donated blood, please consider doing so. Your donations are always in constant demand,” said a Red Cross representative.
Random blood drives occur periodically in the area and the next big fairgrounds drive in Waycross will be on Monday, Jan. 25. Thanks to the Waycross Area Blood Drive Volunteers and generous corporate co-sponsors, the Waycross Exchange Club blood drives each month feature plenty of great prizes going at random to blood donors.
Twenty-five blood donors on Monday won Wong’s Palace restaurant gift certificates (which totaled $425) and 12 claimed cash door prizes provided by Mike Carter and Carter’s Body Shop ($300 in denominations of $100, $50, $20 and $10). Other prizes were given as well.
The goal of 150 units was surpassed as there were 155 good units (pints) of blood donated Monday.
There seemed to be more first-time donors than usual participating.
“I believe our door prizes are drawing some younger people to the drives,” said Al Jacobson of the Waycross Area Blood Drive Volunteers. “I just hope they will develop a life-long habit of giving blood at each opportunity.”
The Red Cross will accept donated blood every 56 days from any given donor. Donors must also be 18 years old (17 with parental consent) and must weigh at least 110 pounds.
Winners of prizes on Monday were:

Wongs ($20 certificates)
Barry Parrish
Stephanie Lee
Maurice Taylor
Mandy Inman
Dennis Batten
Sherry Sanchez
Haley Dixon
Melanie Lockwood
Charles Mike Griffin
James Woods

Wongs ($15 certificates)
John Bennett
John Waters
Leigh Staley
Eloise Aldridge
Melanie Helms
Julianna Lacefield
Elizabeth Holland
Michael Gibbs
Linda Lloyd
John Rodriguez
Billy Martin
Jeff Aldrich
Sarah Gibson
Joshua Wilson
Margaret Johnson

Carter’s Body Shop
$100 George Riggs
$50 Nick McCarty
$20 Linton Robson
$20 Gary Griffin
$20 Eva Jane Thomas
$20 Roy Altman
$20 Joe Byrne
$10 Ted Boatright
$10 Jeanette Crews
$10 Kelly Locklear
$10 Deion Williard
$10 Debi Bryant

Southern Belles Salon (certificates)
MariClaire Kimbrell
Evelyn Banks
Christie Williams

Captain Joe’s (certificate)
Richard Swartz

Extreme Car Wash (certificate)
Rhonda Bennett

Papa John’s Pizza fed the donors at the drive.