BLACKSHEAR — Police here nabbed the real-life “hamburglar” Tuesday night after he snatched an order at the second drive-through window at McDonald’s while the person who ordered the meal was making payment for it at the first window, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.
Brandon Harrison, 24, of Blackshear, was taken into custody about 7 p.m. and charged with theft by taking, Wright said. He was taken to the Pierce County jail — where the breakfast menu does not include “Egg McMuffin” — where he remained this morning.
Wright explained the modus operandi of Harrison, sort of a picky “hamburglar” who apparently subscribes to another fast-food ad slogan: “have it your way.”
He said Harrison would lurk nearby in his parked car listening to the orders as they were placed by drive-through customers. When someone ordered what his palate desired, he would break into the line, pulling his vehicle ahead of them.
Said Wright: “I do not know what kind of meal he got, but he would listen until someone ordered what he wanted and then take the food while they paid. The McDonald’s folks said he has done this numerous times but we never were able to catch him. But we nabbed him last night.”