A Blackshear man has been arrested by Ware County detectives on drug charges after he tried to smuggle crystal meth into the local jail packed inside a Bible, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Tyler Council, 20, of Bailey Road, Blackshear, was taken into custody by a Ware County Sheriff’s deputy Saturday when he pulled into the jail parking lot on a return visit with contraband in his vehicle, said Royal.
His smuggling attempt occurred on June 28 when he visited the jail. He handed the detention officer, Kelsey Medders, a Bible to give to an inmate, Royal said, then departed.
“She thought the Bible felt suspicious and noticed the back had been separated and glued back together,” said Royal. “When the Bible was examined, two bags of crystal meth was found hidden inside.”
After the drug was discovered, a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Council drove up to the jail Saturday in a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and parked in the parking lot. Deputy Paul Carter deployed his canine and the dog indicated the vehicle contained drugs, Royal said.
“After the dog alerted, Sgt. Robert Weiss searched the inside of the vehicle and found two grams of crystal methamphetamine,” said Royal.
Council is charged on two separate warrants with possession of methamphetamine, possession of crystal meth with intent to distribute, crossing a guard line with contraband, possession of crystal methamphetamine, driving with a suspended license and crossing a guard line with contraband a second time, Royal said.
(Driving a vehicle containing drugs onto the grounds of the county jail constitutes crossing a guard line with contraband, Royal explained.)
“We had hoped that his arrest would lead to more arrests and that’s why we had not released the information before today, but it appears that investigation is going nowhere,” said Royal this morning.
Royal said Council remained in the Ware County jail this morning.