BLACKSHEAR — A Blackshear man was arrested Wednesday after he apparently stabbed himself and tried to frame his brother for the incident, said Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.
Bradley Colbert, 38, of Lakeside Drive, was taken into custody after officers were summoned to the house in report of a stabbing, said Wright.
“It was about 3:30 p.m. when officers responded to an alleged stabbing at the Lakeside Drive home,” said Wright. “When they arrived, they made contact with Bradley Colbert who reported that his brother had cut him with the scissors. The man had some superficial injuries on his stomach, but through the investigation, we found that he had cut himself.”
Wright said what Colbert was telling police “did not add up.” He said the cut wounds were not serious.
“When we arrived, the brother had no clue what was going on,” Wright said. “He submitted to a lie detector test which showed no deception whatsoever. He was stunned when we entered the house, guns blazing. It turned out Bradley Colbert had taken $20 out of his brother’s pocket and the brother confronted him about it. He tried to cut himself using scissors like cutting a piece of paper. He was not hurt bad at all.”
Colbert is charged with making false statements and writings and was in the Pierce County jail.