The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse and the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network will be in Waycross on Wednesday, Jan. 23, for a listening session with members of the community to see how Waycross would like to proceed with a plan to promote long-term recovery.
The event will be held at the Memorial Satilla Health Annex Cafetorium at noon, sponsored by Bethesda Recovery and other members of the community.
The meeting will give the southeast Georgia community an opportunity to hear first hand about changes that are available through state agencies to promote healthy communities, said a spokesman. Speakers will be focusing on the services that can be offered here to the many folks who need safe environments to continue recovery.
Recidivism is a key word when dealing with those whose lives have take a turn towards crime promoted using drugs or alcohol.
There are many reasons for the continued crime sprees and drug use, but all these reasons are complicated. Social issues are reported to be the main issues for the high recidivism.
According to criminal justice officials, lack of socialization, lack of job training, inability to obtain employment, inability to reintegrate into society after returning from prison, anti-social attitudes, restlessness, association with other criminals and impulsiveness lead the list in reasons.
It is also reported that lack of education, lack of support, substance abuse and neglect or abuse are part of the reason many people return to their former lifestyles.
Recovery Community Organizations around the state are funded by grants and are helping many find continued recovery. One of the of the RCOs is in Jesup called Face to Face. The organization supports recovery in many ways. It has provided food for the people in their community, hold All Recovery meetings weekly, have a resource office and even provides Christmas presents for women and men in recovery houses.
Another RCO provides jobs for those in the middle. In the middle means between returning home and finding permanent work. This is one healthy way to support early recovery in their community.
“Waycross can become identified with the RCO movement by organizing a community support board with 50 percent membership of persons with lived experience in the world of recovery and 50 percent stakeholders,” said a spokesman. “Bethesda Recovery is beginning now to work on putting together this board and leading the charge in our area for an RCO. This group can expand to the other counties around as well and become a regional organization.”
Persons from Ware, Pierce, Brantley, Atkinson, Clinch and other nearby counties are encouraged to attend, the spokesman said.
Bethesda Recovery will provide a light lunch.
To register to attend, call (912) 283-8580.