Georgia State Patrol Waycross post commander Sgt. 1st Class Terry E. Thrift has issued an alert for everyone to be aware of slow-moving farm equipment crawling along the highways and roads of Ware and surrounding counties.
“While driving on Georgia’s roads, many motorists encounter farm equipment, especially during harvest season, such as now,” said Thrift. “Farmers are often transporting things from field to field with equipment that is designed to be used primarily in the field. This equipment is not designed to travel at typical highway speeds.”
Thrift noted that most farm tractors travel at speeds of 15 to 25 miles per hour which, is typically much slower than the marked speed limit.
“We have had an increase in collisions on Georgia roads where fast-moving vehicles collide with slower moving farm equipment, causing serious injuries and fatalities,” said Thrift. “We ask that everyone slow down, be cautious and be courteous to one another. With a little patience, everyone can return home safely.”