An inmate who escaped from the Bacon County jail April 8 was found hiding in an abandoned house on Hood Street in Waycross Thursday and has been returned to the custody of Bacon County Sheriff Department officials, said Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal.
Edward Jones Herrin, 29, of Alma, was being held in the Bacon County jail on a felony theft warrant when he broke out 10 days ago, said Royal.
“Bacon County Sheriff Richard Foskey notified me that he needed assistance over here as Herrin had ties to Ware County,” said Royal. “An investigation here led to the house in the 1600 block of Hood Street near where a former girlfriend of his was living.”
About 1:5 p.m. Thursday, Ware County deputies and detectives found Herrin and took him into custody. Royal said he was initially taken to the Ware County jail where he was held temporarily until Bacon County deputies could arrive to take him back to their jurisdiction.
Royal said Herrin was back in the Bacon County jail this morning.
No details about the jail break were available, Royal said.