NAHUNTA — A Brantley County mother and her boyfriend accused of murdering her 16-month-old baby on Feb. 12 have additionally been charged with child abuse, according to a rap sheet of charges published on the Brantley County jail website.
Marley Rena Wilson, 18, and her boyfriend, James Paul Cutshall, 19, are charged with child abuse. Each was originally charged with one count of murder as they were arrested the day following the funeral for Anniston Palmer Wilson.
They remain behind bars in the Brantley County jail without bond.
District Attorney George Barnhill said the case remains an open investigation.
He said he does not know when a court hearing will be held but noted it could be between early March and the middle of April.
“That’s a lot of work to do in the beginning of a case,” Barnhill said. “So it may take a little while to get prepared for that first initial hearing.”
After the autopsy report was received from a GBI State Crime Lab, warrants were issued for Wilson’s and Cutshall’s arrests.
The suspects have made first appearances before a magistrate who ordered them held without bond for action in the Brantley County Superior Court.