ALMA — An Alma man walked into a convenience store Thursday and exposed himself to the female clerk, said Alma Police Chief Michael Leslie.
Barton fled the store before law enforcement arrived, said Leslie, adding that the incident was captured on the store’s closed-circuit security monitoring system.
The APD is currently seeking Barton for public indecency, he said.
In other Alma crime news, the APD responded to a burglary Friday on Mullis Drive, the complainant reporting that a man identified by the victim as Timothy Jones, 19, of Nicholls, entered her home without permission, Leslie said.
The intruder left without taking anything once he discovered there were occupants in the home, said Leslie.  The APD is seeking Jones for burglary, he said.
“If anyone knows the whereabouts of Barton or Jones they are asked to contact the Alma Police Department at 632-8751 or call your local 911 center,” Lesilie said.