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FAQ for Ware County Schools COVID-19 Response

Here are some frequently-asked-questions. This post will be updated as new questions arise.

1. Why are we going to school for just 1 day on March 16th?
A: We are trying to give parents and community members time to prepare for the extended closure.

2. Will students have to make this time up?
A: That is a decision the Georgia Department of Education will have to make. While we do not have a definitive answer at this time, indications point to students NOT having to make up missed school days. As soon as we have a clear answer to this, we will share it with the community.

3. I am not sending my child to school Monday. Will he/she be counted absent?
A: We will take attendance on Monday, March 16th. However, an absence this day will not count towards truancy.

4. I have a meeting at my child’s school on March 16th. Is it canceled?
A: We are not permitting visitors in the building at this time. Please call your child’s school to request an alternate meeting date and time.

5. Are you canceling prom or graduation?
A: It is too early to make that decision at this time. We hope to know more by April 9th.

6. Will my child continue learning during the break?
A: Each child will receive an instructional packet to take home on Monday, March 16th. If your child isn’t at school, you can pick up a packet between 2-4 pm.

7. When will my child receive a report card?
A: Students will receive report cards when we return from the break.

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News Headlines

Suit seeks to halt moving memorials

Suit seeks to halt moving memorials

Staff Writer
The City of Waycross and three of its commissioners have been named defendants in a civil lawsuit seeking to stop removal of the Confederate memorials in Phoenix Park.

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Suit seeks to halt moving memorials

City letter deadline for statue Saturday

Staff Writer
Saturday, May 1, is the deadline for the parties with ownership in the Confederate statue and Civil War-era cannon in downtown Waycross to answer the city’s request for the removal of the memorials or risk facing civil action.

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Rams pick Ernest Jones

Rams pick Ernest Jones

Ware County alum is 103rd overall pick

Special to the WJH
COLUMBIA, S.C. — Ernest Jones is off to Los Angeles.
The Rams picked the former Ware County and University of South Carolina linebacker Friday night (April 30) with the 103rd overall selection of the 2021 NFL Draft. The pick was a compensatory selection gained from losing Dante Fowler in free agency last year.

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