Tyler related the experience to his coalition audience.
“Mr. Tyler, would you please stop talking about the war in Afghanistan? Some people have complained. They’re offended that you’re talking about this here,” the manager said.
At that moment, Tyler became convinced that conservative values, especially the right to free speech, are under attack in America, and he joined the fight against the attackers.
It was his report of that fight at the meeting of the Okefenokee Conservative Coalition that resonated with his audience.
Tyler said he joined Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), which encourages veterans to vote, because those who refuse to vote only make a bad situation worse. The CVA is also involved with reforming veterans’ medical benefits, backing the 2015 Veterans Choice Act, Tyler said, The act allows veterans who live more than 50 miles from a VA facility to visit a local doctor and file for VA benefits.
The CVA supported the 2017 VA Accountability and Whistleblowers Protection Act, because employees within the VA who reported the violations of others were being personally attacked.
The CVA is affiliated with Americans for Prosperity, a group against corporate welfare. The organization contends that if the constituents don’t know about corporate welfare, corporations will get away with it. The CVA supports a simplified income tax system and believes that everyone should pay taxes equally.
Tyler said he plans to return to Waycross to educate conservatives about the influence of Saul Alinsky on today’s media.
He also informed that the Americans for Prosperity organization offers a six-week course, the Grassroots Leadership Academy.
The Okefenokee Conservative Coalition is a new group that furthers the goals of preserving, protecting and promoting the U.S. Constitution and conservative ideology; educating Americans about the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights; advocating for conservative ideology and common sense in the government; informing locals about legislative policies and projects; and vetting and endorsing conservative candidates.
The OCC meets at Hog-N-Bones Restaurant on Memorial Drive on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited.