About 85 people attended a National Day of Prayer service Thursday evening at the City Auditorium, and, as Pastor Curtis Thomas (who was designated as the servant to pray for rain) pointed out prior to his prayer, “It is praying already!” Several of those who spoke (and prayed) referenced the blessing of the much-needed rain. “Is it any wonder that God delivered the rain before we even got here?” Thomas asked. “He knows our thoughts … our needs before we express them.” Mayor John Knox welcomed the audience, saying, “The rain may have scared a few people off, but that’s OK. We need it and are glad to get every drop of rain that we’ve been blessed with today.” Pastor Nathaniel Anderson (left photo) prayed for healing for the sick. “It is God’s will to heal!” he said. “Never pray, ‘God, if it be Thy will …’” he said, “for that is not a prayer of faith.” He said to pray confidently for healing because many sought Jesus for physical healing when he was on earth “… and He healed them all!” Anderson reminded that God is “the same yesterday, today and He will never change. And He is still in the healing business.” Speakers included Elder Bill Mullis (at podium in top photo), Bishop Michael-Angelo James, and pastors Donnie Durrance, Andy Peacock, Keith Lloyd and Randy Ray. The audience was dismissed with the group singing “Blest Be the Tie that Binds.”