By MYRA THRIFT, Staff Writer
Chief Superior Court Judge Dwayne H. Gillis denied bond Thursday for a Waycross man charged with home invasion and rape in a March incident.
Quaderiz Reid, who recently reached his 20th birthday, told the judge at the Ware County Courthouse bond hearing that if bonded out of jail he would behave, would not intimate or tamper with witnesses and would not try to flee.
But Waycross police Detective Larry Hill told the judge he believes that Reid would be a danger should he be freed.
“He told the victim(s) that if they called police to him that he would shoot them,” said Hill.
Assistant District Attorney Greg Sasser, who is prosecuting the case, also asked the judge to keep the suspect behind bars because of concern that Reid would try to intimidate witnesses.
“This is a heavy, heavy crime and we believe he may re-offend the witnesses,” said Sasser. “His parents can’t keep an eye on him 24-7. I have seen ankle monitors tampered with and we believe he is a danger. We ask that you deny bond.”
Attorney John R. Thigpen Sr. asked Gillis to approve bond for his client.
“He comes from a good family,” said Thigpen, who, along with Alex Brown, forms Reid’s defense. “He is an honor graduate with no criminal record. He is as clean as a preacher’s sheets. We don’t believe he is a danger to the community.”
Reid’s father and mother assured the court they would keep an eye on their son and make sure that he attends every court hearing, expressing that they believe he is not a threat to anyone.
“Believe me I will keep tabs on him,” said his father, Stacey Reid. “I will be on him 24-7 if I have to stay with him.”
Quaderiz Reid, an honor graduate of Ware County High School, was a sophomore at South Georgia State College (making A’s, B’s and a few C’s) while working at Baptist Village before his arrest March 18, the day that a man fitting his description broke in on residents of an Eastover Drive house and raped at gunpoint a 16-year-old girl who was visiting here from Orange Park, Fla.
He testified he had always lived with his parents but that if he were allowed bond he planned to get his own place.
This is the first run-in with the law for Reid, who has a clean record other than the rape and home invasion (and related) charges. Other charges from the March 18 incident also include aggravated assault, armed robbery with a weapon and theft by receiving stolen property.
He is accused of entering the home on Eastover Drive at 3 a.m. and holding a man at gunpoint while he raped the teen. He was arrested later on the same day by Waycross police.
After Gillis rendered his ruling, he told Reid his next court appearance will be an arraignment in Ware Superior Court.
Reid was then returned to the Ware County jail where he will remain until his next court hearing.
At an April 12 preliminary hearing held at the Ware County jail courtroom, Detective Hill testified that Reid burst into the screened-in porch of the house where the girl and a male resident were sitting.
“He told the girl if she did not do what he wanted her to do he would shoot the other person (a man) there with her,” said Hill on April 12.
Hill also testified that day that about three weeks before March 18, a man who lives at the Eastover Drive home had purchased marijuana from someone fitting Reid’s description. When the man paid for the marijuana, he presented the seller with $300 in counterfeit $20 bills. A few days later, a man (implying it was Reid) attacked the drug purchaser, beating him with a set of brass knuckles, Hill testified.
If convicted of the March 18 charges, Reid could be facing life in prison, Thigpen said.