An off-duty Ware County firefighter is being credited with saving the life of a woman who resides in his neighborhood Wednesday, said Ware County Fire Capt. Matthew Grantham.
He said Ware Fire Lt. Santo Nino carried to safety a woman overcome by smoke inhalation in a residential fire.
Nino heard smoke alarms around 2 p.m. Wednesday and followed the sound to a neighbor’s house “down the road,” Grantham said, at 4195 Pinecrest Road. He called in the alarm and went to the front door to see if anyone was inside.
Nino pounded on the door but nobody answered. Peering through very thick smoke inside, he saw the feet of a female resident about 15 feet from the door, so he pushed his way inside, Grantham said. Nino carried the woman and her dog out of the house, he said.
“We are crediting Lt. Nino with saving the woman’s life,” Grantham said, adding that the kitchen fire appeared to have been extinguished by the woman but she did not leave the house. “The burned material was cool to the touch. It was evident she had been in the smoke for some time; there was smut around her nostrils from breathing the smoke.”
Answering the 2:04 p.m. call, the first engine on the scene came from the Southeast Volunteer Fire Station, Grantham said. Firefighters put up a ventilation fan and assisted as Nino tried to find the source of the fire.
A Ware Fire Station No. 1 engine arrived and Grantham assisted in the search for the fire. He found material around a kitchen stove and in a trash can that was burned, Grantham said, evidence the woman had already tried to clean up from the fire.
The woman was the homeowner, Grantham said. Firefighters found little damage from flames, just smoke damage.
The scene was cleared by firefighters at 2:49 p.m.